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Does Purple Toothpaste Actually Work? Is This Safe For Your Teeth’s?


Purple toothpaste is a toothpaste that people talk about on social media, saying it makes smiles instantly brighter. But, even though many people are excited about it, the toothpaste doesn’t whiten teeth or remove stains. Instead, it only covers up the look of yellow teeth. Let’s find out how purple toothpaste works and what dentists […]

What Is The Best Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth?


Discover the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth! Learn about dentist-recommended options to ease discomfort and enhance your oral health. Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth Many people have sensitive teeth, with around one in eight U.S. adults experiencing this issue, as highlighted in a 2013 study. On average, these people have 3.5 hypersensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth can […]

How To Treat Infection Around Dental Implant?


Learn effective ways to treat and prevent infection around dental implant. Discover essential tips for a healthy, lasting smile. Don’t miss out! A dental implant is a replacement option for a missing tooth. It is a small metal piece that gets put into your jawbone. This metal piece acts like a root for your new […]

How Long Can You Leave A Cavity Untreated?


Discover the risks of neglecting cavities. Learn how long you can safely leave a cavity untreated before it leads to serious dental issues. Dental Cavity is the most common dental problem. A cavity is a small hole in the tooth that can be developed due to tooth decay. It is commonly found in kids, teenagers […]